In Solidworks Additional Consideration For Parts

In Solidworks Additional Consideration For Parts Additional Consideration for Parts 1024x409

In addition to the above techniques for part construction, there are several other considerations for efficient parts.

  • Level of Detail for Manufactured Parts
    What level of detail is required for manufactured parts? Generally, there is one required level of detail and several optional levels. These levels of detail are controlled through modeling and configurations.
  • Full (Default) Configuration
    Any part that you are going to manufacture must contain all the information necessary to actually make it. All the detail may also be required if renderings of the part will be necessary for marketing purposes.
  • Simplified (Assembly) Configuration
    To get the most out of simplified configurations, the company should establish a mandatory name to be used for this configuration. The reason to have a mandatory name is so that when you open an assembly, all components that have a simplified configuration can be opened in that configuration.
  • Drawing Configuration
    In many parts, there are features that should be suppressed before creating a drawing. These usually feature such as fillets that create tangent edges.
  • SpeedPak Configuration
    SpeedPak configurations offer a huge saving in computational and memory requirements. Consider making the creation of a SpeedPak configuration the general rule for all assemblies.
  • Analysis Configuration
    If the part needs to be analyzed, the person doing the analysis will make this configuration since deciding which features to suppress involves more than simply suppressing small fillets.