In Solidworks Things To Consider While Creating Large Assemblies

in solidworks things to consider while creating large assemblies In Solidworks Things To Consider While Creating Large Assemblies SolidWorks Large Assembly

File management

  • All design team members of project needs access to files as required
  • Protect files from accidental overwritten from non design team members
  • Ensure file properties/metadata are filled correctly

Don’t allow to create situations where parts, assemblies, & drawings are stuck down by

  • Inability to locate files
  • Working on the wrong version file
  • Modeling problems
  • Hardware problems
  • Network problems

Produce parts, assemblies, & drawings efficiently

  • By using in-context features at design as appropriate
  • Breaking in-context relationships & the problems of part origins
  • Sharing data between engineering, manufacturing, & design team without any problem
  • Its ideal to limit configurations to two to three at component level
  • Design simplified parts
  • Ideal to use parasolid bodies or simplified parts for library or purchased parts and assemblies

There is no quick fix method for slower large assemblies therefore significant methods and steps need to follow while designing to improve large assemblies.