Leadership traits [considering project managers], I looked through my organization where below traits I consider as my foreseen best qualities for leaders among all at this stage.


A great leader foresee big picture and clear vision of the project/relative objectives for the team [Top 10 characteristics of a great project manager, 1. leadership], Enthusiastic leadership means commitment to their goals and expressing this commitment through positiveness that’s why people follows one who got “can-do attitude” [TOP 10 QUALITIES OF A PROJECT MANAGER ~ By Timothy R. Barry]


Building confidence in team lasts longer, through keeping words, self-desipline, avoid gossips, honest even at critical and hurting moments, taking risk on self rather than allowing it to pass through team [PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONFIDENCE  ~ By Kay Wais]. Two main things contribute to self-confidence are self-efficacy or internal locus (when we see ourselves and others similar to ourselves) and self-esteem or external locus (which is sense of “what's going on in our lives” who belives more on fait and luck).

Problem solving and Team building

PM needs to have problem solving skills in order to finish projects as I observed everyday in PM’s life there are things and people with issues and resistance and a strong person can only prove to sustain and move towards right objectives. As the team formed with a group of unknown people which needs to be made into a main group of people, keeping the sense of team spirit alive despite the many problems in the project’s execution, is another crucial quality a project manager should have [2020projectmanagement].

Communicative and Effective Task Delegate

As part of million dollar “Epicore” software development system PM is more focused on goal orientation and training team as entrepreneur with responsibility showing ways to move from effectiveness to efficiency in work, building high expectations on team towards project and regularly getting feedback which is all an effective communication and so for it is well structured and success. PM’s skills of identifying and delegating tasks are based on identifying team members skills and expertise [2020projectmanagement]. Building integrity within team by setting own standards of lifestyle by taking responsibilities, social behaviors [caring others], honesty. In other words the leader "walks the talk" and in the process earns trust [TOP 10 QUALITIES OF A PROJECT MANAGER ~ By Timothy R. Barry].