Product Data Management

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While a single engineer or designer may be able to organize, store, and keep track of changes without a data management system, as soon as a second engineer is added, some form of data management is necessary. Data management is a prevention, not a cure. Some people will resist using a PDM system because they think that it is too hard, or they don’t want to learn something new, or they feel that it takes too much time, among other reasons. Yet, they are also the ones complaining when they can’t find all the files for the assembly they are working on because someone moved them, or their latest changes were overwritten by an older version of the same file when someone else saved the file on top of their work. There are several product data management systems on the market from workgroup level through enterprise, so the method or product you choose can be matched to the size of your data and budget. The bottom line is that you need to manage your data efficiently either by using a PDM system or through manual brute force. Not managing your data is costly in time, money, and human frustration.