Solid works Errors

Solid works Errors Errors 1024x623

Always resolve rebuild and import errors as they happen. it is much easier to solve a rebuild problem when it happens because you know where in the process the problem occurred. If you continue to build a part that has errors, the errors will just compound and can take many times more effort to solve than if handled immediately. Similarly, import errors should be fixed before editing the part further. Failure to solve the import problem immediately is like building a house on a foundation with structural problems.

Import Diagnostics

Whenever you import a model, SolidWorks will ask you if you would like to run Import Diagnostics. Running the diagnostics at this point is preferable to waiting as you can never anticipate the problems that may be caused by geometry with errors. if you add any additional features to the imported part, Import Diagnostics will no longer be available because it only works on an unmodified imported body.

Check Entity

Another valuable tool is Check. Check can be run on the model at any time and used to locate both errors in the geometry and undesirable geometry, such as short edges, that can cause other geometry to fail.

Where to find it:

  • CommandManager: Evaluate>Check
  • Menu: Tools, Check