Solidworks Assemblies Options

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Large Assemblies Mode is a toggle that automatically changes certain settings when opening an assembly with more components than the threshold value. In large-scale design, Large Assemblies Mode is usually selected. The threshold value is a choice you make depending on the sizes of your assemblies and the capability of the hardware you are using.

Solidworks Assemblies Options assembly

The primary function of the Large Assembly Mode is to ‘ increase performance by turning off functions that require more computations.

  • Do not save auto recover info, the periodic saving of your work in progress can be a great benefit if people do not routinely save their work or if you are experiencing frequent problems with computer crashes that you have not yet solved. These auto recover save operations can take a significant amount of time and interrupt the workflow.
  • Hide all planes, axes, sketches, curves, annotations, etc. This option is the same as selecting Hide All Types in the View menu. By hiding all these entities, the computational load is diminished.
  • Do not display edges in shaded mode, calculating all the edges in a large assembly can be time—consuming. This option just shows the components as shaded without edges.
  • Suspend automatic rebuild, when assemblies are large, recalculating assembly and mates after every change can be very slow. By suspending automatic rebuild, you can make several changes and then do a single manual rebuild. While this speeds the input, if there is an error, it will not show up until the rebuild. This may make the troubleshooting process more difficult. You can also suspend automatic rebuilds when the assembly is open by right-clicking the top-level icon of the assembly and toggling Suspend automatic rebuild.
  • Use Large Design Review, this is a toggle that causes assemblies above the threshold value of the number of components to be opened in Large Design Review mode. This should be selected and a toggle value determined based on the Size of the assemblies you normally open. This option can save a considerable amount of time when used.