Solidworks Default Templates Options

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Solidworks Default Templates Options Default Templates

Certain operations in SolidWorks automatically create a new part, assembly, or drawing document. Some examples are:

  • Insert, Mirror Part
  • Insert, Component, New Part
  • Insert, Component, New Assembly
  • Form New Subassembly Here
  • File, Derive Component Part

In these situations, you have the option of either specifying a template to use or having the system use a default template. This option is a matter of preference; however, it is generally faster to have a default template specified as it will save a few mouse clicks by having the template defined. It will also ensure that the correct template is used if you have several templates but use only one. If, however, you use multiple templates because of different requirements for different customers, select Prompt user to select document template and you will have a choice each time a new file is created.