Solidworks Document Properties Options

Solidworks Document Properties Options drafting image

These are established in the templates used to create SolidWorks files. It is important to remember that the option setting described here should be set in the templates to ensure their use in future files. The most important document property with respect to performance is Image Quality. The slider affects the shaded display of the assembly and part and controls the tessellation of the curved surfaces for shaded rendering. The farther to the right the slider is adjusted, the smoother the edges will appear and the slower the performance. The basic rule is to set the sliders as far to the left as you can tolerate. In most cases, two or three tick marks from the left side are acceptable to most people.

Solidworks Document Properties Options image

In the example below, moving the slider from Low to High causes more than 2,500 times more triangles to be calculated, which causes a significant slowdown in performance. Note: The triangles shown in the images are not clearly visible to the viewer; they are generated for the purpose of illustration only.

When you are working in an assembly, the image quality for each component is controlled by the document properties of the individual components. When you select Apply to all referenced part documents, the resolution of the individual parts can be changed to a common resolution.