Solidworks Drawings Options

Solidworks Drawings Options drafting

The highlighted options relate to drawing speed.

Show contents while dragging drawing view causes SolidWorks to continually update the graphics inside drawings views as you drag the view. if you clear this option, the contents of the view have to be recalculated only when you stop dragging it, eliminating a lot of real-time calculations.Allow auto-update when opening drawings. If you clear this option, drawings will open faster as the information in all the views will not update until you rebuild the drawing.

Automatically hide components on view creation. This Option hides components that are not visible in the view, such as components completely enclosed within another component. SolidWorks must calculate the visibility of each component in the view to determine which components are not visible, and that takes valuable time to do. This option is off by default in Large Assembly Mode. Save tessellated data for drawings with shaded and draft quality views. If you clear this option, file size is reduced, which reduces the amount of data that is loaded when the drawing is opened. If this data is in the drawing it will be loaded from the model. The disadvantage of this option is that the views will be empty in view-only mode and when viewed with eDrawings®.

Drawings, Display Style, select draft quality so that all new views are created in draft quality. While you might expect a large increase in performance, this setting will have only a small effect as High-quality views are processed in the background.

drawing 3.PNG  Solidworks Drawings Options drawing 3

Colors change the Background appearance to plain. This avoids using other movable backgrounds that have to be recalculated as the model viewpoint is changed.

drawing 4.PNG  Solidworks Drawings Options drawing 4

Select use specified color for drawings paper color as this has the same effect on drawings as the background appearance had for parts and assemblies.

Display/ Selection, set the Assembly transparency for in-context edit to Maintain assembly transparency. As calculating transparency is intensive, keeping at the assembly at the same level.