SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

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With very large file sets, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is usually the best choice for file management. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM uses an SQL database and can replicate the vault to multiple locations so that data can be synchronized regularly to avoid delays due to network bandwidth or slow internet transmission speeds. As the vault is stored as an SQL database, searches are fast.Some key features provided by SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.-

  • Both revision and version control
  • Multiple revision schemes
  • Multiple workflows
  • Tracks all changes to the files
  • Can store any type of file
  • File access is controlled through permissions
  • Can provide notifications of changes

The Choice

The decision to use PDM is up to end users & companies requirements, as without PDM any data loss may significantly affect productivity and increase the cost of the system and of training the users.