Solidworks Fasteners and Toolbox

Solidworks Fasteners and Toolbox Fasteners and Toolbox 1024x666

The toolbox can be set up to work two different ways:

  • Master parts
    In the master part setup, Toolbox retains a set of master parts. When you insert a fastener into an assembly. The toolbox will create a configuration of the master part based on the size you are using. The advantage of this is that the size of those part files increases as additional configurations are created. In a company environment, the Toolbox part files are normally kept on a network drive, which means that the files have to be opened across the network, slowing down performance.
  • Copied parts
    In a copied part setup, new part files are created when you insert a fastener into an assembly. The advantage of this method, for large assemblies, is that these files can be stored with the assembly and have only a single configuration. While this method creates more files, the files can be stored locally and can be smaller because they only need to have a single configuration.

Toolbox parts can have three different thread displays. Because fasteners are purchased parts, there is no need to show the threads unless you need them for display purposes. For performance gains use a Simplified thread display. If you need the threads to display for a rendering, choose Cosmetic to have a thread appearance applied to the surface.