Solidworks How To Implement A Strategy For Large Design

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The way you will implement and enforce the strategy should be part of the strategy development. Things to consider when implementing your strategy for the design:

  • Document the approach Procedures that are not written down can be more easily misunderstood and varied. The time required to properly document a plan is less than the rework time (and cost) caused by people not following the plan. Having written documentation of procedures also allows for accountability when members of the team deviate from the plan.
  • Make it readily accessible No matter how good a plan is, it is useless if the people that need the information cannot see it. Have it posted on the engineering intranet, or on some common location where it can be easily viewed by the entire team.
  • Communicate with users Make sure the procedures are discussed at planning meetings. Stress the consequences of not following the plan. Remind people of the procedures as soon as any deviation is noted.
  • Document templates and document level settings Have everyone use the same templates. Well—designed part, assembly, and drawing templates can save time by automatically filling in required data directly from the models. Document templates also set the document properties to insure consistency between all the members of the design team.
  • Custom properties Custom properties can be very useful as they can be automatically read and used to fill in data in bills of materials (BOMs) and forms in the PDM system. They can also be used as search criteria to more quickly locate files by helping to filter components during “advanced selection” to aid in assembly visualization and performance. Many custom properties can be included in the document templates to make it easier to include all the properties that are required for the project.
  • System-level settings System-level settings can make a significant difference in system performance. Provide guidance to the design team on setting these.