Solidworks Parts

Solidworks Parts Part Modeling Techniques

Good efficient assemblies start with good efficient parts. As parts are core elements of large assemblies, they need to be model sensibly and efficiently. Part design always has to start with a plan as to how to model it efficiently, with properly placed reference geometry. One key element when modeling parts is to establish the design intent. Once this is done, you can plan part construction by considering these elements.

  • Origin – Where should the origin be? – How does the origin affect the mating of the parts in the assembly?
  • Symmetry – Is there symmetry? – If so, how many planes of symmetry? Generally, the origin is on all the planes of symmetry. or even less of the part and then either. Using symmetry, you can model half or quarter or even less of the part and then either mirror or pattern the rest. mirror or pattern the rest.
  • Features – Decide which elements should get their own features in the FeatureManager design tree. Will any features need in-context relationships?
  • Configurations – Configurations can be used to create both the maximum (full detail) and minimum (only the detail needed to mate the part into the assembly) conditions of the part.
  • Patterns – Patterns can reduce the amount of work to create the part and can also be used at the assembly level to automatically add fasteners.
  • Views – Which view of the model Will be the Front View when detailing? – Will detailing require special views?
  • Mating requirements – How will this part be mated in the assembly?
  • Properties – What properties need to be attached to to the part for accurate assembly weights, BOMs, part callouts and the like?
  • Templates – Right template can save time by having repetitive information and proper settings already entered. Consider creating specific templates for different customers.
  • Document settings – Document settings will control the speed and ease of the design process. What image quality and display settings will allow us to see the design easily without slowing us down?