Solidworks performance and system options

Solidworks performance and system options 0

The performance for design software to be able to reduce the lag time (the time from when you execute a command until it completes), a number of settings within SolidWorks and the operating system can speed up or slow down performance. There is no single way to set up SolidWorks, so it is important to understand the effects of different settings in order to make an informed choice. Often, improved performance comes at the expense of model image quality.

SolidWorks options are divided into two groups, system options and document properties. System options apply to SolidWorks, independent of whatever file is open, while document properties apply only to the open document and are initially set by the template used to create the document. Some settings are purely user preference, but many of the settings determine the ultimate performance of the system and may need to be selected. In the following section, we will look at the different system options that affect performance and some recommended settings. The SolidWorks options that have no significant effect on performance and are strictly user preference will not be discussed.

System options affect everything you do in SolidWorks. Changes to the system options customize your work environment. They are not saved with a specific document. Rather, any document opened on your system will reflect these settings.

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