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Solidworks Rx Options SolidWorks Rx

SolidWorks Rx is a tool located inside of SolidWorks that can be used for several tasks that can help SolidWorks run faster. To improve performance, the Diagnostics and System Maintenance tabs are the most important.

Solidworks Rx Options rx


Selecting the Diagnostics tab will cause SolidWorks Rx to examine the system and SolidWorks settings. The results will highlight things that should be fixed.

Solidworks Rx Options diag

System Maintenance

The System Maintenance tab provides one place to run several maintenance tasks Simultaneously. This can be used to clean out temporary files from several locations as well as run Windows checkdisk and Defragmenter on multiple hard drives.

Solidworks Rx Options sm

Once tasks are selected, you can choose to run the maintenance immediately, at a selected time, or on a regular schedule. Further refinements can be made through the Windows Task Scheduler.

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