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View transitions are nice for presentations and can sometimes make it easier to see changes; however, this comes with a decrease in performance. When any of the transitions are set to something other than Off, SolidWorks must calculate intermediate positions or transparencies. This requires processing power that could be better spent in actual design.

Backup/ Recover, from a purely performance perspective, Auto-recover should be turned off as it can take a noticeable amount of time to save the files. This will usually occur just as you have a brilliant idea and are trying to implement it. If you are undisciplined in your work habits, turn on Auto-recover. However, if you save often, you can turn it off so that the save takes place when you want it to and does not interfere with your workflow.

File Explorer, like add-ins, only locations that you are routinely using should be selected. By selecting other locations, each time you select the File Explorer tab, those selected locations have to be read and populated into the File Explorer. If you are not using those locations, this is just wasted effort.

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File and Model Search, when working on large assemblies and projects, you want the computer resources to be working on your design and not background tasks. Indexing should be performed when the computer is idle so as not to take computational resources away from our design time.

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If dissection is scheduled, make sure it is set to run during nonworking hours.