Solidworks Windows Options

Solidworks Windows Options Windows 10 1024x565

Different settings in Windows can also slow down your system as these settings affect everything you do. The following items in Windows Vista® and Windows 7 are effects that enhance the way things are shown on the screen. Each one takes additional graphics calculations that siphon resources away from SolidWorks.

  • Aero, one clear indicator that Aero consumes resources is that in most laptop power management schemes, Aero is turned off when running on a battery.
  • ClearType, is software technology that improves the readability of text on LCD screens.
  • Windows Search, disable this option if you rarely do searches.
  • Menu and Cursor Effects, windows have many effects that are used only to make the information on the screen look better but do not enhance performance. These include items such as pointer shadow, pointer trails, and cascading menus.