Project managers can only display a transactional leadership approach

Transactional Leadership is great way to achieve project success because of rewards as this style gives special importance for individual’s performance, there are some great examples of leaders as Bill Gates, Howard Schultz, Vince Lombardi, Norman Schwarzkopf and more [St.thomas uni] but transactional leadership does not encourage initiative in individuals it may be good for big organizations, defense and similar structures where goals are predetermined.
Project managers at such firms may happy to adequate this style but from my point it may not be good for smaller organizations as individuals may soon be addicted to rewards to keep the project moving.

There is no need for a project manager to be visionary

There is need for visionary leadership in project as project tends to have often twists and changes and to accomplish project goals individuals mush see future visions and take related risks. Visionary approach helps members to over come from being micro-managed.

Project managers are better to be arrogant than charismatic

I understand some time charismatic leaders may develop narrow vision or arrogance through there previous success [St.thomas uni] so charismatic leaders can be arrogant too. But project managers adapting style of inspiring people for project sake and help individuals to focus on common project goals benefits projects which includes allowing one to learning from mistakes, Charismatic style defines clear purpose in individuals. So instead of being arrogant its better to be sensible of project environment, be visionary, and leader must be willing to take risk on himself.
Charismatic leadership style in project makes individuals to consider themselves as charismatic leaders in there profession and become innovative person through personal approach, which is gap filling between management and team.[St.thomas uni]


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