Personal Statement

I am a highly skilled Senior Draftsman & Machine Designer with 20+ years’ experience in the manufacturing, technology, and resource industries. My passion lies in project management for construction projects, particularly the management of draft designs and compliance with company and industry standards. I am eager for the opportunity to manage key company projects and delivering exceptional results meeting company objectives and stakeholder expectations. I am self-motivated, organised, and pro-active in my approach to all projects.

When confronted with challenges I like to think laterally and implement solutions that are both effective and efficient for all stakeholders. To continue to further develop my skills and knowledge, I’ve started working towards a Master of Project Management with the University of South Australia. I am available for full-time/part-time positions within Sydney’s Southwest and Western suburbs, I am immediately available to interview, including via video link where required. I am multi-lingual, speaking English, Kannada, and Hindi, and you can connect with me via LinkedIn here.


Master’s Degree in Project Management                                          ‌‌‌‌
University of South Australia‌‌, July 2019 – Current

Graduate Certificate in Project Management
University of South Australia,  ‌‌April 2019

Intermediate Fenestration Course    ‌‌
Australian Fenestration Training Institute,  ‌‌2019

Diploma of Tool and Die-Making
‌‌Government Tool Room and Training Centre‌‌, April 2000

Skills & Competency

  • Conducting project management activities such as design, scoping, liaising with crews and internal/external parties, financial management, and all associated project governance requirements
  • Undertakes and manages multiple tasks and priorities requiring technical analysis, diagnosis and problem solving as required to support strategy implementation
  • Assessing an organisations current CAD capability including gaps and risk analysis
  • Preparing project documentation for planning and construction of projects
  • Programming and scheduling works
  • Experience working on large scale complex projects

Understanding of document control and CAD file requirements

Design & implementation of design and drafting strategy(s) in conjunction with executive teams

Ability to manage risk and opportunities in an uncertain project environments

Developing and leading business development strategies and identifying new opportunities

Balancing conflicting priorities to deliver against customer & business requirements with suitable stakeholder management

Proven experience managing the interaction with clients re: design & drafting issues‌‌

Employment History


Applied Project ®

January 2021 – Current

The applied project provides a professional design drafting experience with a highly experienced team with design and manufacturing experience. Our engineers hold certified Solidworks professional recognition, a qualified & experienced drafting team. We take on any drafting project, 2D to 3D CAD conversions, CAD drafting services, manufacturing & fabrication drafting.

· The applied project provides a professional design drafting experience with a highly experienced team with design and manufacturing experience

· We take on any drafting project, 2D to 3D CAD conversions, CAD drafting services, manufacturing & fabrication drafting. 3D Modelling services include converting conceptual sketches into 2D to 3D CAD modelling and PMI (Product and manufacturing information) annotations. Machine and tool design including fasteners, jigs and fixtures, assembly, part, and component models

· Design and specification – mining equipment

· Special purpose machine design

· Shop drawing services including structural steel shop drawings for industry, mining, and engineering projects

· Problem identification before they become an issue, reducing the risk of inconvenient and costly delays

· New client studies, business goal(s) and strategy development

· Handling complex engineering designs (for Vlocity Melbourne Trains)

· Communicate & build relationships with construction/renovation project owners and support in CDC + DC approval

· Goal monitoring future business plans and mentoring colleagues

Recent Projects

· Residential CDC Projects

· Repair Drawings for Alexandria Bridge at Ricketty Street for Sydney Transport – this project included documenting bridge repair drawings of concrete repair works with reinforcement repair details as per NSW government documentation procedure

· Macarthur Cowpasture Bridge Repair Drawings – this project saw us creating defect survey drawings/documents for concreate repairs identified; repairs conducted with details for NSW government documentation for closing project

· Vlocity Trains Melbourne

Design Drafting Specialist (Product Research & Development)

Alchin Long Group

May 2018 – Current

Alchin Long Group is a private group of companies and the parent company of globally recognised hardware brands including Doric, Cowdroy, Colonial Castings, Azuma Design, and Lock & Roll.

· Designing window & door hardware

· General management of all drafting design and consistency across the drafting team

· Research and development, which includes process development and materials

· Managing standards and checklist setups, and material & supply stock updates for FEA

· Collaborating frequently with SolidWorks and supporting their team with drafting problems


· Managed the implementation of new design standards, specifically AS1100, across the group

· Delivered standardised materials with more accurate FEA details for engineering simulation purposes

· Managed product design procedural changes by reviewing requested changes from Engineers before proceeding to implementation stage; this reduced critical design errors in the implementation stage by reviewing each request

· Managed and executed the research for and design of the Chainwinder product incorporating infinite adjustment ability for builders; this delivered an innovative product in the construction market with unique aesthetic design whilst maintaining the same sales price to retain existing customers and attract new customers

Site Designer and Draftsman

Genstairs Pty Ltd

April 2016 – April 2018

Genstairs is a 2ndgeneration manufacturing company that delivers a range of products in timber and stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, and glass staircases.

· Drafting external assets for residential houses, including balustrades, pergolas, awnings, and various screenings in accordance with site specifications; preparation of drawings for design development and client presentation

· Drawing complex stairs creating proposals to send to the client

· Managing the SolidWorks team in the development and delivery of designs and creating enroute files (CNC-nc)

· Managed internal stock for stair production and void balustrades

· Checking and review processes; reviewing designs to ensure accuracy/compliance with codes + Australian Standards

· Supporting the continuous improvement of design systems used and investigating new drafting techniques and drafting equipment and recommending changes to standard practices


· Developed and delivered new production strategies for screen changing to weld-on and bolt-on systems to improve product designs

· Developed and delivered strategies that focussed on reducing time associated with design drafting by creating design templates for standard client projects – this involved technical programmes assessing dimensions and automatically generating balustrade and awning designs. These also standardised drawings to be quickly checked by operators before going to the fabrication department. The improved design speed reduced costs for customers as well as internal drafting time


Big W

April 2015 – March 2016

· Concept Party Store drafting including visual merchandising and new store design, drafting, and refits

· Seasonal store renovations (for example: redesigning store interiors for spring, summer, winter, autumn season across all 160 stores in Australia)

· Utilising AutoCAD and Revit

· Creation of an architectural internal display virtual document to execute change based on business decisions


· Developed and delivered modifications & renovation designs across the company with a positive impact on all sites

Product Designer


November 2014 – April 2016

Oventus is a company in the healthcare industry commercialising a suite of revolutionary oral and other medical devices for the treatment of sleep disorders.

· Management of MeshLab and CSIRO proprietary software to develop designs for oral device products and implement all required design changes

· Managed and executed research for, and the development of, software programs enabling Dentists to scan design files for mouth-breathing equipment

· Managed design challenges regarding the mouthpiece by developing flexible designs to suit individual clients facial and jaw structures

Machine Designer

NID Pty Ltd – Confectionery Machines

October 2013 – November 2014

NID is a company specialising in starch moulding technology for a global manufacturing market. It delivers a range of machinery including semi-automatic mechanical machines and high-speed automatic models.

· Developing and delivering structural designs and mechanism geometry in highly detailed blueprints

· Technical drawings and simulations for depositor manufacturing such as Tiger Brands, Interpack, Santa Cruz, Pharmative, Church & Vite, Sweet Candy, and Nature’s Product


· Developed and implemented engagement strategies to improve team productivity and the standard of designs, ultimately reducing time associated with reworking designs and minimising unnecessary material waste

· Developed and implemented procedures to integrate sheet metal into designs, reducing the weight of machines and assembly time with an improved aesthetic design

· Executed a conversion of machine frames from welded structures to folded sheet metal designs, improving the aesthetic design. The high-quality stainless steel sheeting also improved hygiene as it is an easy-to-clean material

· Managed the transitions of Safety Doors from traditionally custom welded frames to ready-made aluminium extrusions with glass, reducing production costs and improving aesthetic design

· Developed and implemented continuous improvement strategies for design with previous error consideration adopted to all new machine designs to improve the quality of designs with faster manufacturing speeds. The improved equipment resulted in greater consumer confidence and an uplift in sales

Forming Machine Operator

Horiso Pty Ltd

February 2013 – October 2013

Horiso is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of Solar Shading and Control Systems in the building supplies industry.

· Programming and operation of production processes for blinds and screens

· Managed and executed calculations for external venetian blinds and rack arm assemblies


· Executed an internal transition from manual programming of the roller forming machine to a computerised process, significantly improving productivity, and delivering consistent quality at the design and quote stage. This also enabled electronic transfers with storing capabilities in the machinery to be used as required

Design Drafter

Halley & Mellowes Australasia

May 2012 – October 2012

The Halley & Mellowes Group specialise in manufacturing services and marketing a wide range of capital plant equipment to the mining, processing, material handling, power generation, and oil and gas industries.

· Drafting new designs for material handling products and modifying existing standard parts

· Executed design reviews in collaboration with design and senior management teams and provided on-site support covering subjects from concept development to product commissioning

· Managed drafting and modelling for the plant setup for the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal

· Managed all drafting aspects of the train load out design for the Maules Creek project

· Managed drafting/modelling platforms and steel structural development for the reject bins on the Mangoola project

· Managed all drafting and modifying aspects of the train load out design for the Boggabri Mines project

Design Drafter

Orica Mining Services

November 2011 – May 2012

Orica Mining Services is a leading provider of ground support in the mining industry, delivering commercial explosives and blasting systems in over 130 countries.

· Developing and delivering piping and instrumentation diagrams for hydraulic and electric schematics as well as designing hydraulic and pneumatic tanks and piping


· Developed and implemented strategies reducing production times by converting plates and structures to sheet metal requiring a reduced number of welds, which increased vehicle stability and viability

· Developed and implemented continuous improvement for the Bulk Master series truck (BM7 series) including the conversion of all chassis mounting parts to possible thin sheet metal designs such as the fuel tank holder, Chemadds holder, and hydraulic tank holders to maximise truck life by reducing mechanism breakdown possibility

· Executed an internal transition from an old design with welded parts which break during mining road shocks to new designs with a Bolt-On design tested successfully for stability and the capability to bring components from different vendors and be assembled in-house. This also improved labour costs after the transition

Earlier Employment Summary

Design Drafter | L.E. Otton & Associates                                             ‌‌‌‌March 2010 – September 2011

Production Engineer | Hangton Precision Manufacturing       ‌‌ October 2006 – January 2010

Toolmaker| TDT Sealpack                                                                    ‌‌‌‌May 2000 – June 2006


  • Intermediate Fenestration Course ‌‌‌‌Australian Fenestration Training Institute
  • Certified SolidWorks (Adv.) ‌‌‌‌Dassault System – Online
  • Weldment Professional ‌‌‌‌Dassault System – Online
  • Windows Induction Course  ‌‌‌‌Australian Fenestration Training Institute
  • White Card‌‌ ‌‌WorkSafe
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional (Advanced) Drawing Tools       ‌‌Dassault System – Online
  • Certified SolidWorks Associate ‌‌‌‌Dassault System – Online

Computer Literacy

  • Solidworks (Expert + Licence Owner)
  • AutoCAD (Advanced)
  • Catia (Beginner)
  • Microsoft Project
  • Smartsheet
  • Revit
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Web Development and Server Management
  • Basic Accounting


“Applied Project” is very responsive and look after their customers. AP supported my project from Start to Finish. Everything is as planned in the Schedule and the way AP do business is ‘customers are not dependent on AP; AP is dependent on them.’ Customers are not an interruption in their work and in fact, customers are the purpose of AP’s work. Customers are not an outsider in AP’s business, customers are a part of it. AP is a one-stop design shop for my all future projects.”

– Raghavendra Albur, Applied Project Client

“Kevin was employed by Halley and Mellowes for a period of 6 months of a design drafter. During this time, Kevin undertook drafting and 3D modelling with Solidworks and AutoCAD of bulk materials handling equipment. His knowledge of Solidworks and drafting skills, allowed him to undertake and complete tasks well within the given timeframe and to a high standard. While employed at HMA, Kevin worked well with his co-workers and the engineering team.

He was willing to devote extra time to complete tasks when required and was keen to learn new aspects of his job both on company and his own time. Kevin was an exemplary employee and if the need arose again, I would have no hesitation in re-hiring Kevin if he was available. I am sure he will be an asset to your company.”

– Jason Hogue, Engineering Manager at HMA

“Kevin has been working in our consulting engineering office during two periods, June 2010 to December 2010 and March 2011 to September 2011. During this first period, Kevin had been primarily engaged on redesign of Collector Main on No5 Coke Ovens at BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla plant. As a detailed draftsman Kevin was preparing arrangement and fabrication drawings for structural steelwork, service pipework, heavy lifting equipment and general structural and mechanical components. During the second period, Kevin had been engaged on the design of a new belt conveyor for Newcrest Cadia underground mine, using Nepean Conveyors components.

This work required 3D modelling of transfer chutes and belt trajectory. He was also preparing arrangement + fabrication drawings for structural steelwork, service pipework, guarding and general structural & mechanical components. Kevin is a conscientious and thorough professional who has a teamwork attitude. He has an excellent command of computers and on our projects demonstrated in depth knowledge of AutoCAD & Solid Works program. Kevin’s continuity of employment was interrupted due to a lack of work, but I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin to any future employer.”

– G.V Drydale, Director at L.E. Otton & Associates

About Me

When I am not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, and I have a high level of fitness, participating regularly in ultra-marathons. As a sportsman, I support the Heart Foundation and Mental Health Foundations by raising funds through my runs. https://www.sporttracks.mobi/users/kevinjogin.